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Republican National Convention 1888

1888 Republican National Convention Guest's Ticket.

Mr. Boller's 1888 Republican National Convention Guest's Ticket.

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On page 9 of Mr. Boller’s scrapbook is his admission ticket to the 1888 Republican National Convention.

This presidential nominating convention was held in the Auditorium Building in Chicago, Illinois from June 19 to June 25, 1888. On the 4th day of the convention, Friday, June 22, Mr. Boller would have stood in line, undoubtedly dressed to the nines, in the June heat with this ticket in his hand waiting to find his seat, in Section C Seat 10.[1]

From his seat inside the new, partially constructed theater, Mr. Boller would have experienced the first centrally air-conditioned auditorium of its time. Additionally, the theater was completely lit by incandescent lightbulbs.[2] It is here that Mr. Boller would have heard the balloting for the presidential Republican nominee.

The Auditorium Building, located on the corner of South Michigan Avenue and Congress Street, had its cornerstone laid on October 5, 1887 by President Grover Cleveland.[3]

The incumbent President Cleveland would be defeated in 1888 by the Republican nominee to come out of this convention; a retired senator from Indiana and distinguished Civil War general, Benjamin Harrison. Cleveland garnered the majority of the popular vote but was defeated by Harrison in the electoral college, 233 to 168. It was President Benjamin Harrison who ultimately dedicated the Auditorium Building on December 9, 1889.[4]

The socialite that he was, Mr. Boller would have certainly attended other events held inside this great auditorium in his hometown of Chicago. Especially considering that in 1900 his business office according to the city directory was located at 115 Michigan Ave. North, just over a mile from the Auditorium Building.

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Republican National Convention 1888